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Welcome to Classic Power Batteries Trading, your premier wholesale battery distributor, empowering countless customers worldwide with innovative energy solutions. At Classic Power Batteries Trading, our mission is simple: to offer our customers the finest battery products on the market, coupled with unparalleled service efficiency, all at the most competitive prices across expanding markets.

Perfect Battery Solutions Provider

We cater to a wide spectrum of battery needs, boasting a comprehensive lineup that includes 2V, 3V, 4V, 6V, 8V, 9V, 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V batteries, sourced from the industry’s top manufacturers worldwide. With an average of over 25 years of experience, our highly trained team is poised to guide you in selecting the perfect battery solution at the best available price. Furthermore, our highly skilled technicians are at your service, ready to replace batteries in your boat, golf cart, vehicle, machinery, or forklift. If you’re in a rush but need assistance, a simple phone call will connect you with our knowledgeable staff and technicians, providing swift solutions to your needs.

One-Stop Battery Shop

At the “One-Stop Battery Shop,” we stock or source any battery you require, spanning Motive Power, Stationary, and Stored Energy Battery Solutions. Our inventory encompasses automotive, commercial, renewable energy, marine, electric vehicle, and industrial batteries. Additionally, we offer motor cycle batteries, ATV batteries, Jet Ski batteries, alarm batteries, and UPS batteries. You can choose from a range of battery chemistries, including AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), GEL, Dry Charged, Sealed Lead Acid, Maintenance Free, Lithium, and conventional lead-acid types.

Best Customer Service & Top-notch Products

Our unwavering commitment is to provide you with the highest level of customer service and top-notch products. Our ultimate aim is to ensure your satisfaction and cultivate enduring relationships. With a highly competent team, we consistently deliver remarkable customer satisfaction and foster lasting customer loyalty.

Exploring our user-friendly website is your gateway to a wide array of battery options and accessories. If, by any chance, you don’t find the battery or accessory you’re seeking, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via phone or email. We’re here to power your world, one battery at a time.

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Industry’s Most Reliable Batteries & Battery Accessories

Specializing in Sourcing & Stocking the industry’s most reliable batteries & battery accessories. Lead Acid, Sealed Lead Acid, Maintenance Free, Deep Cycle, VRLA, AGM, GEL, Lithium, Alkaline, NICD, NIMH.

Explore Our Range Of Products

We provide an extensive selection of top-brand car and truck batteries, suitable for every vehicle make and model.

We deliver a diverse array of lead acid AGM and flooded batteries, as well as lithium-ion batteries, designed for use in commercial, passenger, and leisure vessels.

We provide a diverse selection of lead acid and lithium-ion solar batteries for storage, hybrid, and off-grid solar systems, all at the most competitive prices.

We provide top-brand 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V, and 80V lead-acid batteries for Electric Forklifts, Electric Pallet Trucks, and Cleaning Machines.